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Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd Bundle

Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd Bundle

Grab these 4 full-length riveting novels at a massive discount! 

Spice romp with a fairytale ending!  ★★★★★ stars
If you are looking for a fairy tale style erotic short story, you've come to the right place. This story is about 50/50 spice scenes and plot. The plot is absurd, as promised. The ending is perfectly happy and wrapped up. Well edited. I got tired of the spice and skipped over a lot of it for the plot, but I'm not taking off stars just because I wasn't in the right mood for that much spice. - Bookworm

These need to be a movie series! ★★★★★ stars
OMG!!!! HOLY S***!! The first paragraph made me keep reading this book. I can't stop reading every single line of this book. for those who haven't read it yet, You better get reading. D.P Payne, a few of your lines & puns make me giggle. I can imagine being Chasity as Mr. Blackman becomes my god of FIRE. Naughty has a new whole meaning in my dictionary. So, looking forward to reading Cursed after this. This book needs to be a movie series, STAT!!!! - Maryann Gestwicki

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