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All in one! ★★★★★ stars
Love, angst, romance, suspense and a little bit of sarcasm along with fantastic characters made for 2 books in 2 days! Without giving away the plot twists, let`s just say you will be hoping for a happy ending for the characters. - Amazon Customer

The answer was love! ★★★★★ stars
Riveting reading, I was compelled to read books 1 & 2 without interruption.
I loved the smouldering sexy relationship between Savage and Dani followed by the intense story of unrequited love between Skye and Gabe. The events and their relationship were tested to the nth degree cementing their love and commitment. - Diane Kitevski

Amazing collection! ★★★★★ stars

These books are amazeballs. When I first read them I was up late and ended up with book hangovers each night because I didn’t want to put them down. Having extra scenes just makes them even more amazing than before. I couldn’t wait for each book to come out. This series is that good. - Kittythief

A gripping collection! ★★★★★ stars

I thoroughly enjoyed each book in this series, and ‘binge read’ this collection having been hooked from page one. Each story is about a different member of the Hawke family, and they do need to be read in order, to fully understand and enjoy the relationships and continuing plot lines that develop throughout the series.  - Jenny G