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Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave

Complete the mission.
It’s what I was trained to do—no matter what.
But when things go to shit right in front of me, my objective gets compromised by a set of fathomless amber eyes.
This isn’t a woman’s world.
Yet, Valentina refuses to see how dangerous the course she’s plotted really is.
How dangerous
I am.

The man who saved my life is just as lethal as the one trying to take it.
Maybe even more.
While he may have rescued me, in the end, Cutter is my enemy.
The one intent on destroying everything I’ve striven for.
But the scars of his past draw me closer even though I know I should move away.

Cutter and Valentina.
Anger and desire.
Fight and surrender.
This wave may drag them both under…

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