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Holiday Fake Date

Holiday Fake Date

A big favor. Mistaken identity. One interesting Thanksgiving dinner.


If there’s anything I hate more than Warren family holidays, I can’t think of it.
The last two years have been real doozies too.
My brothers’ choices have made my life a living hell.
Because now all the Warren focus has fallen on me.
What they want from me.
What they expect from me now that I’m about to graduate.
I couldn’t care less, though.
My only goal going home this Thanksgiving is to ensure everyone around that table understands exactly how I feel about their expectations.
And I have just the plan to do it.
All I need is a fake boyfriend who can really get under their skin.


All I wanted was a little time away from stresses of work.
The cross-country motorcycle trip was just what I needed.
Pulling into sunny California and climbing off my bike feels like a fresh start.
But when a beautiful woman mistakes me for someone else and says she needs my help…
I can’t resist, despite knowing it means going back to the East Coast.
And that I’ll be walking into the Warren lion den for Thanksgiving dinner.
No one knows who I am, and I plan to keep it that way.
Until I realize the fake relationship I have with Athena is turning into something very real.

When an entire relationship is based on lies, will the truth destroy new romance or will love be discovered in time to ring in the holidays?

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