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Anchor Point Signed Paperback

Anchor Point Signed Paperback


Life outside the walls of my prison cell is far harder than the time I did inside.
There, I had my misery to keep me company.
Out here, I’m forced to face the reality of everything I’ve lost.
Nothing can repair the gaping hole in my chest.
Yet, a broken woman wrapped in chains threatens to unravel the tangle of excuses I use to keep everyone at arm’s length.
But letting Evangeline into my world means exposing her to the real threat.
And all the terrible things that come along with that.


To be sold to the highest bidder.
The monsters who stole me away from my life have no conscience.
I’m not so sure the man who rescues me is any different.
He’s an ex-con and a pirate— not to be trusted.
But the dark veil of anguish that shrouds him can’t hide the truth of who he is at his core.
Elijah isn’t the enemy.
He may be broken and tormented…
And exactly what I need.

Elijah and Evangeline.
Agony and regret.
Faith and acceptance.
This anchor may pull them both down...

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